Perona Bowling has been open to bowling fans for more than 15 years, and is one of the largest bowling halls in Estonia with its 12 bowling lanes. Our bowling lanes are manufactured by Brunswick USA.

In addition to great tracks, we also offer professional course preparation (course washing and oiling with Brunswick Kustodian Sanction technology).

The bowlingalley is also accessible with a stroller and wheelchair. The café, the conference room, the children' playing area and the showers create the perfect conditions for enjoying this sport. Everyone is welcome - both beginners and professionals.

Opening hours

1st of May until 31st of August
Mon-Fri 14-23
Sat 12-23
Sun 12-22

1st of Sept until 30th of April
Mon-Thu 14-23
Fri 14-24
Sat 10-24
Sun 10-22